Friday, November 25, 2011


Currently indulging in the graphic works of Neo-Expressionist, aka the late and incredibly great Jean-Michel Basquiat.  His work of Pop art includes graffiti and explicit post-modernist detailing, basically anti political and pro-skepticism.  In all his works is a dramatic scene of economical, cultural or religious issues of our past and present.  The slave trade, religion, Jim Crow laws, police powers etc.  When paint hits paper the story Basquiat evokes sends you on an emotionally haphazard joy ride – to say the least.

The wonders of this mans mind amuse me beyond reason y’all, seriously.  He created on whatever was available to him, so some of his paintings are randomly on tables, benches, wood scraps, it didn’t matter.  Despite the fact that his work is from the past, it resonates with our present so vividly...

Source: Brooklyn Museum (catalog) Merrel London NY

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