Monday, September 26, 2011

Style on a Girl Like Me

Is androgynous, it is controversial, it is a classic, it is riche with culture, it celebrates the peculiar, it is unapologetically unconventional, it is coincidentally couture while still being ready-to-wear, it is imaginative, it hopes, it is a refined original, it is conscious, it rides the wave of passion, it hoards delicious pairs of shoes, it doesn't give a damn, it is unmasking and transparent but not understood, it is not boastful nor loud but confidently kind, it seeks new heights, it is always free-falling, it is powerfully magnetic, it creates, it devours the art of life, it stares you in the eye politely, it loves all things, it lives in the light but can admit it dwelled in darkness, it is the new age diva aka divine woman, it is truth with a touch of fantasy and all things glorious.

What is style on a girl like you?

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