Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Lost in Translation"

excuse my somber smile, I’m always happy to see you
Letterman Jacket:Gifted, Billabong Chambray Top:Salvation Army, Jeans:HM, Vintage Stacy Adams Snakeskin boots:Redlight, Necklace:Gift from Auntie Coco, Bracelets:random

Photos By: Brynn Bear

Somewhere between Ballard and one of Seattle’s illustrious waterfronts, I became “lost in translation” – unbeknownst to me – and somehow ended up in what could be called the ‘front yard’ of this here gentleman’s truck, or home away from home, where he sat entertaining himself with a book.  During my visit I lollygagged through his wares, with his permission of course, nice fella.  Exploring what others might peg as junk and having a good ol time, (you know what they say, “one mans trash is another mans potpourri,” well I don’t know, at least that’s what the Grinch said in that Xmas movie).

During my exploration it dawned on me, when did we stop discovering?  Why haven’t we allowed ourselves to get lost in the translations of life: people and places?  When did we become so scurred?  I know, it’s those damn expectations.  Too many times have they come back null and void, tinged with disappointment, so self-consciously we say f**k this, and we become socially vapid.  People it’s time to get uncomfortable; there’s too much going on out there for us to miss.  We have places to go and people to see.  I know, I know, John Mayer advised we “wander the great indoors,” (he can be annoyingly convincing, I’m still trying to get a grapple on how the hell he swooned Love-Hewitt and Aniston) but you may remember, upon realizing the dryness of the great indoors, he croons that we “leave the great indoors” and he said that part twice y’all.  So get out there: there’s hidden crannies to expose, zesty flavors to experience, new faces to become familiar with, conversations to dive into, art to devour... you get the picture - life to be lived.   I feel you, I’m unearthing myself from daily norms as well, and it feels absolutely divine!  I’d love for you to join me!  

DISCLAIMER: The involved party is not liable for any late night rendezvous with mr. at the moment that may or may not result in a late night swim sans clothing, or possible termination from ones current employment.  They will be held responsible for uncontrollable amounts of joy and freedom.

Have a lovely Wednesday...exploring. xox

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