Friday, September 16, 2011


Nothing like a nice pole in the evening
Vintage blue suede coat: Punctuation, Vintage Outlander top & Juan Antonio Lopez heels: The Vutique, Jeans: friend swap, Leather belt: ex (I knew they were good for something)

Photos By: Jamie Morel

It’s cold outside people, and there aren’t any ‘Torros’ in the atmosphere so there’s no reason why I should be “burrrrr-ing” just yet – sigh – but I am.  Seattle’s summer was a joke!  But I enjoyed every millisecond of the bright and glorious sun that we did receive.  It was a phenomenal...2 weeks, ok 2 1/2.  I need to stop ragging on this beautiful city, I adore it I do, it’s just that I adore the sun more, but you know what, bring on the fall, I’m ready for ya!

Time to take out my aqua blue, Viva La Vintage, suede coat and I ain’t mad it!  Paired it with this superb-ulous vintage metallic Outlander tee.  It’s very Missoni-esque with its vertical chevron pattern, but it’s better than Missoni because it’s glittery!  I’ll be honest with you; I saw this top some time ago, admired it from a far and kept it pushing.  I saw it 3 more times and found it even more endearing every time, but something stopped me from making it mine, till I decided I wouldn’t be stopped.  Fashion is fine and dandy but style is where the art is, where you get to push your own limits and become a walking, talking canvas.  You bare the brush and create the strokes.  This blouse represented the beginning of my mural, it pushed me further beyond my style limits and I loved it.  I hope to get too a point where I have none – limits are for losers, don’t be offended, the truth hurts people.    

The cerulean and silver strappys are by Italian shoe designer, Juan Antonio Lopez circa early 90’s; they’re a little big, but I love em’.  A nice strappy heel is a breath of fresh air from the platforms clunking down the runways – I love them jokers too, but there’s something about a shoe with very few bells and whistles that sexes up your feet.  It’s almost like a thong for your foot!  A thin strap around the ankle, closing it in, as well as around your toes...I don’t know but there’s something very sensual there and I plan on investing in a lot more strappys – ankle leash included!

TGIF.  I wish I knew what that meant and who the hell came up with it, I hear it all the time but never care to ask.  But anywho, have a relaxing start to your weekend.  xxo

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  1. It means so many different things for people :) I go with the traditional -"I don't know who came up with it - Thank God It's Friday," LOL. You look super cute!!!! I adore the color combo and the relaxed but stylish look of your outfit :)

    Stop by sometime?