Monday, September 19, 2011

Get Graphic

Givenchy Fall 2011 by Riccardo Tisci
Rag and Bone Fall 2011 by David Neville and Marcus Wainwright
Dries Van Noten Fall 2011 by Dries Van Noten

It’s time to get graphic, and when I say that I mean get as gritty with graphics as possible – I’m talking about clothes of course!  Although trends are my arch-nemesis, I do to succumb to maybe 1 or 2 – self consciously of course – every now and again. One of those being Falls “graphic blocking” trend.  To make it plain, graphic blocking was around long before the runways caught on (as usual), it was just a matter of who did it stylishly and who did it plain wrong.  Now the catwalks catching up to the streets, how ironic...

Ok, “back to the lecture at hand,” the graphics trend goes beyond just pairing graphics with more graphics, it involves texture mixing: satin with a chiffon, a flannel with a fringed tweed, sequins with a cotton jersey, you get to mix and mash it all together.  I don’t know about you but that sounds unappealingly attractive!  I love the quirkiness of it all, I also love how affordable it is.  Certain trends don’t go beyond the runways because not everyone can afford the pieces.  But everyone has graphics in their closet whether it’s stripes, polka dots (major trend right now as well), cartoons/caricatures, a skirt with little balloons on it whatever, you get my point.  We all have something graphic wedged way back there...somewhere.

Now, keep in mind you can’t just go haywire or you will look it.  There is a wrong way to sport this trend.  If you aren’t usually a print person I would suggest limiting yourself to 2 prints: your blouse and maybe a scarf (undergarments don’t count).  Then work up to incorporating both your top and pants, but limit yourself to one print, maybe 2 different stripe patterns.  You can also go single, wearing only one loud print as opposed to 2.  Be inspired and have fun; you’ll know if you’re looking stylish or if you look like a Christmas tree.  Just run with the clothes and they’ll follow.

Have a lovely start to your week. xxo
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