Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparing For Combat

T-Shirt dress: Thrifted, Vintage leather and suede biker jacket: The Vutique, Vest: Nordstrom

Left, left, left right left, left, left, left right left.  Forward march, at ease soldiers – this is how I would describe a day in the life of these patent leather combat inspired boots.  I literally feel like a soldier marching through the battle field of life, either that or I’m in search of a major mosh pit – but that’s why I love em’, they’re unpredictable! 

Doc Marten is the brand that originally coveted the patent leather combat boot, but at the time of this purchase, (broke college student) I was unable to afford the pricey original so I had to get creative.  I found an identical pair at the Wal-Mart.  Normally I don’t support the mass market mogul, but college ain’t cheap, and groceries are at Wal-Mart, so when I stumbled across the look alike boots I had been pining could I resist?  That purchase was over 2 years ago and these boots are worn in and out, but I still adore them.  They’re probably one of the top purchases I’ve ever made that I’ve never looked back on.

As for my t-shirt dress, I recently visited the Salvation Army and indulged in some counteractive rummaging.  In addition to this shirt, I found some fairly fabulous pieces: a Clueless-esque mohair sweater, a camel colored suede skirt and chambray button down.  Not so bad if I don’t say so myself.  The particular t-shirt I’m sporting is decorated with various flags.  I plan to do some major deconstruction to it to really make it my own, I’ll keep you posted.  If there’s a Salvation Army in your area, take a peek.  It may be old and dusty in there, but you can’t imagine the timeless keepsakes you’re likely to uncover in that place!

Enjoy your Wednesday.  xxo.

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