Monday, August 22, 2011

A Gift from Auntie Coco

My Auntie Coco paid me a visit last week, and she came rambling on in all her historic glory.  We all have an Auntie Coco, ions old – no disrespect – with a wad full of knowledge and know-how tucked under her belt and a trunk full of treasures.  It’s only natural that when she visits she pours the knowledge she’s acquired into the next generation able to sustain it through incessant chatter and parables. 

Oh do I love my dear Auntie Coco; in addition to her wise jibber jabber she brings me beautiful possessions from her past!  This time around she brought me this sporty polka-dot hoodie from back in her hip days, (I think she meant to say hip-hop, but forgot the hop).  She also gifted me with a wrap around, chrome-ish colored necklace and Lucite and brass plated earrings that she apparently used to sport way back when – she referred to the earrings as “jokers.”  In a sentence: “I used to sport these jokers back in the day.”  If that’s not an indication that you’re wise beyond your years I don’t know what is.

Anywho, I feel honored when Auntie Coco gives me the relics of her past.  It’s so sustainable: passing down trinkets of the past to the generation of the future – re-purposing these old gems into “wearable one-of-a-kinds.”  Thank you Auntie Coco, (hopefully she reads this, she’s not a fan of technology). 

Happy Monday everyone!

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