Friday, August 19, 2011

What's In the Bag III

Not only have I added some newbies to my bag, but I got a whole new bag.  Now I’m not necessarily a handbag kind of girl, to be quite frank with you I take my book bag almost everywhere because it’s able to fit the essentials like my laptop, its massive charger, bulky schedule, clunky wallet, ya know, all that good stuff that I find the need to lug around daily.  Anywho, I’m very particular when it comes to handbags and only own a few, so when I saw this white crocheted vintage handbag from the 60’s you can imagine how sprung I was.  I like to call it sustainability at its finest, made of a crocheted straw material, someone got real innovative when they made this bag! 

On to the next.  I’ve been very invested in arm candy lately and adore each of these vintage arm baubles.  They’re easy to dress up or down and their craftsmanship makes them extra original.  The Noah’s Arc charm bracelet has oxidized down nicely which gives it that really old, vintagy look, while the link bracelet has the flower detail etched or carved into the metal – so beautiful.

Ok I’m talking a lot, my bad.  Let’s move on.  My friends and I recently did a clothes swap which just involves us getting together and exchanging our old things – great way to get rid of your old pieces while picking up new ones.  I gave my girl friend a couple of my old pieces and she gave me this amazing Nicole Miller linen bolero.  Fits like a glove – mine!

You may remember the Garnier Skin Renew formula from the last “What’s in the Bag,” I’m still using it at least twice a week to help fade away dark spots on my face and have been liking what I see.  I’ve also stared using Mary Kay’s Miracle Set for combination and oily skin.  It helps to keep acne at bay while refining and strengthening the skin.  I used the set once before and am noticing the same benefits: smoother, more illuminated skin and less zits, gotta love that.  

For my locs I stick with Mango and Lime products, they smell good and moisturize and strengthen locs.  Also, the gel formula isn’t too thick. 

My make-up regime for the summer involves these 2 Mary Kay concealers and loose powder, anything else I feel is too heavy for this season.  The Mary Kay loose powder is amazing.  I was an unbeliever when it came to loose powder for brown skin but I was proven wrong with this stuff.  It works beautifully and is so light weight.  After I dust a thin layer of the powder on I dab a little of the concealer here and there, under my eyes and I’m ready freddy.  Another Mary Kay miracle (I’m a bit of an MK junkie, but they got good stuff), would be there satin lip set.  Now this is a go to staple in the fall and winter for me when my lips need that extra tlc, but I use it on and off in the summer as well.  The set comes with a mask that exfoliates the dead skin cells off your lips, after washing the mask off you put on the balm and lips literally feel silky smooth.  I usually do this routine before bed and wake up with LL Cool J-esque lips!  The lips don’t lie. 

Lastly I have my everyday essentials: wallet, cellular, planner, biz cards and the like.  A dear friend of mine and a master cook, gifted me with this recipe book called “Cooks Bible.”  She recognized my desperate cry for cooking help – I’m lacking in the kitchen, but eager to learn.  I’ve been reading this recipe book as if it were my bible, so many scrumptious meals and it provides background information about meats, dairy, vegetables and which to use for what meals.  Thank you sister Jennifer! 

Alritey guys, that’s all she wrote.  Have a lovely Wednesday. 

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