Monday, August 1, 2011

Erika Lauren Designs **GIVEAWAY**

Hello everyone, I have some exciting news: Bora Bora Style has teamed up with Erika Lauren Designs for a jewelry GIVEAWAY including the 3 gorgeous pictured items.  One lucky winner will be able to choose 1 of the 3 pictured pieces designed by the talented Erika Lauren. It’s easy to enter, simply comment below on this post, making sure to include you’re email address (to contact the winner) and LIKE the Erika Lauren Design Facebook page, that’s all folks!  The winner will be announced Wednesday Aug. 17th, so get you’re entrees in as soon as possible!  Good luck!

These jewelry designs reign from Vancouver BC, where the designer uses re-purposed materials like gold chain links, bullet casings, recycled beads and even animal quills.  Her designs are innovative, yet simplistic for a stylish no-fuss look.  Read the full interview below with the talented Ms. Erika Lauren.

Heavy Hitting Under-Tones Necklace: "oxblood right angle tassels weaved through curb-style gold chain and day-glo green cord on cable chain necklace"
Neon Skyes Necklace: “braided day-glo green and grey cord and gold hardware on cable chain necklace”

Young Gun Earrings: “light-to-dark porcupine quill bundle earrings”

1.     Who is the mind behind Erika Lauren Designs, where did she originate from and how does her current place of residence affect her work?

I originate from Vancouver Island, British Columbia – an incredibly beautiful treasure of the Pacific Northwest.  For me the natural beauty is the perfect backdrop to explore the frontiers of my design mind.  I love the thrill of living in a metropolitan city, and at the same time I savor the opportunity to escape the sensory overload that comes along with it.

2.     As an artist, when did you tap into your creative outlet of jewelry designing?
For the longest time the limits of my artistic universe where 2-d.  It was only until 2009, when I was studying business and really needed a creative outlet, that I started making jewelry.  It was the transition to 3-d that did it for me.  I was looking for that tactile quality in visual arts and painting but found it in designing jewelry.

3.     Erika Lauren, the designer, is a connoisseur of visual and environmental art.  How does that impact your designs?

Environmental art is my biggest muse right now.  I think everyone is intuitively drawn to symbols in art and d├ęcor.  It’s my goal to express this subconscious evaluation of the world around us in my jewelry.  Sometimes the translation can be very literal and other times I will have to keep interpreting something until it grabs people in the right way.

4.     Sustainable living is of grave importance to you as seen through your work at O.U.R (One United Resource) Eco-Village in Victoria BC.  How do you incorporate sustainability into your deigns?

Working at O.U.R ECO-VILLAGE was an enlivening and trans-formative experience.  I think Sustainability is one of those buzzwords, where everyone is talking about it but very few are doing it.  It would be fair to say my work there encouraged me to take on the challenge of creating a line that was eco-friendly.  All material (outside of findings) for the S/S 2011 Collection are re-purposed...and YES that even means harvesting roadkill to get those beautiful Quills!

5.     Your recent S/S collection is reminiscent of a tribal themed rainbow bright with its use of bold colors, edgy hardware and natural execution.  What was the inspiration behind the line?

The inspiration came from two things to begin with.  One was stumbling across my Mom’s leather pencil skirts from the 70’s.  The other was my Dad’s antique Gun Collection, where I sourced all of the blown out brass bullet casings.  From there the line evolved on it’s own to working with various fibers and gold hardware.  Beyond that there are definite elements of 70’s glam, 80’s color blocking, punk chic and a general sense of adventure throughout.

6.     What can you share with others coming into their own as artists and creators?

I could easily share a bazillion inspiring quotes, but the best advice I never got would be to investigate the industry that you are trying to break into until you understand where you fit in it.  From there get a mentor (AKA someone who knows a bit more than you do), prepare for success, and then go for it!


Check out Show Pony in Fremont, WA.  Or shop her Etsy store HERE.

A woman after my own heart! Thank you Erika, for everything.


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