Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Road Less Traveled By

Knit Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Wife Beater tank: old, Gray Sweats: Target, Floral Print Wedges: GoJane

Photographer: Jamie Morel

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by,” literally!  The wild outdoors might as well be my first home.  I love the open air, overwhelming brush and trees, just the freedom of it all, (and with all the greenery Seattle has to offer I'm in woodland heaven) so when my friend told me about the new wood she discovered I was more than down to go explore.  Not the most appropriate outfit for outdoor explorations, but so sue me – to anxious to change! 
I like being comfy, but chic.  The first thing I think of when prodding through my wardrobe is “what can I wear that will feel as if I’m wearing nothing at all?”  So naturally I gravitate towards pieces with a relaxed fit and I love these harem like sweats for that very reason.  I’m pretty sure they’re workout sweats; they’re extra baggy on me because I purposely got them in a bigger size to achieve the harem appeal.  I’ve worn them a number of ways and still have more styling tricks up my sleeve.  I paired the sweats with another favorite: boy’s wife beater tank (never understood why they call it that).  I like that it’s fitted without being too tight, and I love the cut.  
Take one of your most comfy pieces and style it up, whether it be a t-shirt, tights, your favorite flannel whatever, personal style starts with individuality, so be bold and unique with your look – don’t be scurred!


  1. You look really adorable in these pictures. nice outfit.

  2. I really like this casual look. Its good to know you can wear sweats and still look like you made an effort.