Monday, June 20, 2011

What's In the Bag II

Happy Monday Fun-day everyone.  So I’ve added some new additions to the bag.  I recently bought this adorable Mickey Mouse tee at a vintage shop.  I plan to completely destroy/re-work it into something funky fresh for summer.  I’ve also been hunting for vintage keepsakes and have uncovered quite a few – in my mums treasure chest.  Like these gorgeous gold plated broaches, vintage Versace sunnies from the 90s and vintage Liz Claiborne sunnies from the early 80s.  I also found this chain link belt that I plan to where as a necklace, bracelet and belt.  I scored the Gucci look-alike-belt (or shall I say Lucci), at a vintage shop here in Seattle.  It’s an elastic belt so I plan to wear it over anything bulky that needs a waist.

I’m still finishing up Hard Rain Falling by Don Carpenter.  I’ve been to busy to pick it up and stare it down, but plan to part with it by the end of this week.  The magazine w/ the weird looking man on it is a French fashion, music and art magazine – Citizen K.  Another great source for French fashion and art culture.  Of course I have my handy dandy planner representing for the Bora Bora Islands.  Makes you want to jump right into the picture doesn’t it!

For beauty and skincare I’ve been using this new foam cleanser by Clean and Clear.  I have combination to oily skin and need an oil free cleanser like this to combat the shine.  Foam cleansers work very well for oily skin, if you have normal to dry skin the foam cleansers may be to harsh.  Anywho, it’s been working well especially when it comes time to wash my makeup off, it does it all in one quick wash. You're probably wondering what's in the clear bottle - it's my secret weapon - it handles all your beauty needs.  It's extra virgin olive oil.  It works wonders for your skin, scalp and body.  I use it once a week on my face before I go to bed and on my scalp.  I don't mind smelling like an Italian restaurant so it's all kopestedic to me.  I really like the idea of a tinted lip balm and am obsessed with Mary Kay’s in berry.  Perfect color for brown skin ladies, it leaves lips soft with a balmy berry hue.  Last but not least in the beauty dept. of my bag is MakeUp Forever’s Full Coverage concealer.  I use this as a spot treatment.  It blends perfectly and lasts all day, did I mention it’s waterproof!

That’s it for this weeks 'What’s in the Bag.'  Till next time. xoxo

Vs of the Day - Romans 8:1
"There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death."

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