Friday, April 15, 2011


Sustainable fashion is in the air, with one designer in particular.  Christine Chaney, architect, author and designer, premiered her most recent collection of vintage silk scarf designs last week at the Halo salon in Seattle.  I attended Christine’s last collection reveal of fine crocheted coveralls (HERE) – extra chunky, just like I like it – and contemporary basics made for the Seattle woman, but I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, when I locked eyes on this collection!

 Chaney’s vintage silk scarf designs evolve into alluring halter tops and blouses, flirty rap skirts and provocative day to night dresses.  Her designs are true to the everyday women.  They’re ultra feminine and sexy but in a way that doesn’t scream skin tight, low cut and high hem.  The silk drapes fabulously on the body, leaving much to the imagination, but letting onlookers know you got a surprise under there.  Not to mention the sheer silk moves when you move, breathing life into every curve.  Chaney’s simple finishes, for example open back, tie knots and off shoulder detail, spice up her pieces and make them a go to spring and summer staple.  

Christine w/ guest wearing one of her rap skirt designs
Christine & I in her designs

The premiere featured models – of course – of all ages and shapes wearing, or for lack of a better term – working, Chaney’s designs.  Chaney’s work flattered the bodies and personalities of the diverse group of models at the event. I’m telling you, this woman has something for everyone! 

She was so spunky & sweet

My favorite features of Chaney’s designs are the assorted colors and patterns: vibrant crayola colors, saucy Moroccan hues and fresh pastels.  That reminds me of the Christine Chaney original that escorted me home, she’s a sight for sore eyes to say the least!

The precious: front can be worn as back & back as front!

Worn reversed (me playing)

Love this charming tie detail  

Invitees dined on yummy East Asian inspired appetizers and a delicious citrus spiked punch while mingling and shopping.  Christine Chaney designs are available at Velouria in Ballard and Nube Green on Capitol Hill, or by special order.  To learn more about the designer click HERE.

Thank you Christine for inviting me, I had a lovely time and look forward to future collections!


  1. You know I love color and pattern. I really liked the dress you had on in the changing room.

  2. The precious, haha! I love that dress too, that's why I had to snag it!