Friday, December 3, 2010

Designs by Christine Chaney

A couple of weeks of ago I attended my friend Christine Chaney’s trunkshow at the Knoll designs showroom in downtown Seattle.  Christine and I met at the Beats for Boobs breast cancer event earlier this fall – her crotchet designs were featured in the Beats for Boobs fashion show.

Christine is a local designer with a focus in soft crotchet layering pieces such as capelets and vests; recently Christine introduced recycled t-shirt designs into her collection that work cohesively with her crotchet pieces.  Christine originally began in the arts as an architect and visual artist which then burgeoned into her creative passion for fashion.  She’s been crocheting for 6 years and designing recycled t-shirts for about a year. 

Christine’s versatile designs are popular throughout the seasons; the light weight crotchet capelets and vests act as great layering pieces for both cool and warm temperatures, and the t-shirts are classic essentials for every season.  Christine’s designs embody the woman of the Northwest and keep in mind the simplicity of her style while remaining chic and fashionable.  In addition to the simplicity of Christine’s collection, her pieces are timeless investments that will forever be in style.  A Christine Chaney original can be incorporated into any wardrobe for years to come.

All jewelry designs are by Christine Chaney

Christine (in glasses) showing her designs to clients.

Christine hopes for her designs to grow with the community that believes “less is more,” staying organic and fresh as well as chic but trendless.  Support this amazing local designer!  To contact Christine Chaney click here and to learn more about her designs click here.

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