Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just copted these incredible Sam Eldelman espadrilles for a measly $15 (w/ out tax) at Nordstrom Racks.  They were originally priced at $185, but were extremely marked down.

Now usually I only shop at Nordys Rack when I’m in search of something super specific, because if I wander in aimlessly I immediately become overwhelmed and find myself stuffing randomness into my shopping cart.  On this specific occasion, I was with a friend who was on a mission, so I bravely entered the store.  I headed straight to the shoe section, where I knew I could focus my attention on one garment group – shoes are also my guilty pleasure, so it made since to whiz there first.  I have been searching for a nice pair of espadrilles for sometime – like 3 years – but didn’t know I would stumble upon the perfect pair so easily. 

Now in this situation I got lucky and struck gold, but when shopping at larger department stores be specific!  Have items in mind that you’re looking for, find those first, and then if you aren’t to exhausted after that, do a lil extra shopping.  If you go there just to look or “window shop” (which doesn’t exist) you’ll end up picking up things you don’t need, and spending money you shouldn’t have.  Remember, we’re trying to look fabulous on a budget here people! xoxo


  1. OMG! I hate you! I <3 these and I've been looking for some colorful wedges. Don't be mad if you see these in my closet :-D