Saturday, April 30, 2011

Concrete Jungle

Vintage sleeveless denim top: Redlight, Vintage Braxton denim jeans: Redlight, Cordani wedges: gifted, Leather belt: gifted, Aviator sunnies: Liz Claireborne, Jewelry: gifted/random

Photographer: Janae Jones

We got a bit of sun yesterday here in Seattle, the late afternoon type that’s so bright and refreshing although the sun is actually setting.  That’s what I love about Seattle springs: the days are longer and the sunsets slower meaning that we have more time to poke around outside in the pink dusk of the evening as it drifts into night.  Of course, staying true to emerald city weather patterns, it rained ever so softly once the sun was out of sight...but I didn’t mind it.

My friend and I were trolling around Sodo when she showed me this dope skate park being built.  The creators of The Marginal Way DIY skate park Association were there working away on this skater sanctuary and were kind enough to let us loiter around.  One of the head contributors was telling me a little bit about the nonprofit and how it’s been dedicated to building this recreational facility for skaters through volunteer labor and contributions since 2004!  That’s one of my favorite things about Seattle: randomly running into creative types from all over since the city is fuming with them.  The association is working to expand the skate park so feel free to donate what you can to this project by clicking HERE.

The 60’s-70’s are my fashion era so my looks usually have that essence tied into them somehow.  What era is your style inspired by?  I was recently given this amazing Native inspired leather belt and can’t seem to part from it.  I’m on the lookout for more sun meaning more opportunities to wear sandals and sleeveless tees, aka show more skin – in a tasteful way of course, haha.  Have a lovely Saturday xox.

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