Thursday, January 31, 2013

Turbo Fire Fitness

What You’ll Need

-        small towel
-        chilled water bottle
-        supportive active wear shoes
-        light weight clothing   

I’m trying to become a lean, mean, fighting machine, and thanks to this workout regime that goal is looking more obtainable with every waking day. My good friend purchased the Turbo Fire (TF) package for me as a birthday gift – very good grasshopper – it's killer! Think P90X for women. The culprit behind this high-intensity, fat-burning cardio plan is Chalene Johnson, or the svelte looking blonde woman on the cover.

The kick about this workout regime is the music, which has all been mixed and mastered by Chalene herself. The HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training classes focus on cardio conditioning at high intensity levels for a 90 day period. Sounds like death but trust me, you’ll see results. The classes fluctuate in intensity throughout the week, with your somewhat easy (easy is the only way I can describe this class’s very mild dip in extremity) Fire Starter class, and then bounce from high to medium to maximum intensity as the weeks progress.

The video production and setup is pretty #amazeballs also because you feel like you’re in a Turbo Fire class with Chalene in real time. Chicks talking to you about making sure you don’t ditch class tomorrow in the midst of your round house kicks! Plus the package comes with a 90 day class schedule and dietary food and meal guide, and no, it’s not full of powdery protein shakes, but actual food! I give her an A+ for that seeing that I’ve never been able to properly assess a balanced diet without pretty pictures.

As many of you know, I am a diehard yogi, and have in no way retired my yoga mat and lycra attire. Instead, I’ve slightly altered my Turbo Fire Fitness plan to include my yoga, and both are working well together. Yoga’s stretching helps ease my muscles after an intense cardio workout with TF, while preparing me for the next class with Chalene so I’m not so tight.

I plan to stick with it, and will be sure to keep you updated on the progress of my abs, or excuse me, health. Time to get more fit and fabulous! #happylifehealthylifeheavenlylife


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