Friday, December 14, 2012

The Loc Equivalent of a Chignon' Bun

If you decide to loc it up, your hair that it, this is a sleek and simple style for dreadlocks. Your locs should be at least shoulder length so the bun can hold properly. Here I’m using my lovely sister, (who started her loc journey not long after I did) to model the steps to successfully deliver a chignon’ loc bun!

Make sure your locs are clean, neat and freshly twisted. I usually style a loc bun right after I’ve washed and re-twisted my hair.

After you’ve re-twisted your entire head and pinned or clipped your locs in place, dry them for at least 20 minutes to ensure they're not damp, then remove your clips.


Part your hair in the front, (either middle or side) and pull your locs back to the nape of your neck to tie them back. Depending on how full your locs are you may need multiple hair ties to pack your hair.

Grab a bit of hair at a time and begin to tightly twist your locs inward and around themselves (clockwise), tucking in loose locs as you twist. You want to twist your hair until you’ve returned back to the place you started and tuck the remaining locs under and in the bun to seal your circular bun. Use a hair tie to fold over the loc bun to keep it in place; once again depending on how full your bun is you may need multiple ties to hold it in place. Use bobbie pins to hold down any fly-away locs. Spritz your locs with moisturizing sheen and you’re ready to go! This is a great loc style to decorate with flowers and or hair jewelry. Perfect for events, parties, weddings, job interviews and other professional settings. I'd love to hear your take on the style so test it for the holidays and let me know how it goes...

Jadore loves! Meow.

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