Friday, November 9, 2012

Casual Friday

Hail Mary! It’s Casual Friday ya’ll, meaning blue jeans are allowed on the premises for all my corporate members. But for us non-corporate goers it means switching up our day to day look for a cozier approach that doesn’t quite resemble our average day to day look? I know you hear me up in hurr’!

My more comfy CF, (Casual Friday) approach required very little style recalculation seeing that I simply took old staple pieces and rocked them in a new way! Exhibit A: my massive collection of worn-in sweatshirts. I’ve taken a liking to cutting 3 quarters off the sleeves or at least up to the elbows, and snipping away the fitted band along the waist line, (although this sweatshirts band was spared). There’s something refreshing about the sweatshirts no fuss new fit? I suppose it's the relief in ones wrists and waists from those bloody fitted bands, or the fact that your dingy hoodies and crew-necks are transformed into something cool and fun to wear again!

Exhibit B: the super duper flared jean. You might remember this trend from your school days. The extra flared bells that all the girls used to sport? Well, I never quite matured out of that trend and brought my bells out for a visit. Paired them with my favorite patina’ vintage boots and fatigue vest and rocked those bells like it was 1999! Although CF is casual, try experimenting with your casual wardrobe! Take your staples and wear them different ways or dust off your most aged and beloved items and let them see the light of day again. Just because they're dated on the fashion trend-lists doesn’t make them unwearable – for all we know you could be the ultimate trend resurrect-or!

Happy Friday mi amors'. Meow.


  1. so cute! i'm really loving that scarf and vest. also cutting up an old sweatshirt, genius!

    xo alicia

  2. @alicia, thanks! I'm cutting every sweatshirt in a 5mile radius of my closet!