Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Walk this Way

Dress: Re-worked Vintage/ Shoes: Badgley Mischka/ Silver Necklace: Vintage/ Bracelets: Nigeria & Nakate 

How do we live and let live?  I say we start by living vicariously through our clothes!  Let them take what would appear to be the heat so that all we have to do is have a lot of bloody fun in them.  Because whether we’re working rags or riches we’re working it!  Right?

Another one of my vintage re-worked numbers.  I love the blouson, oversized action going on from the waist up and the slightly fitted cut taking place from the waist down.  I rolled up the sleeves morphing this dress into a ‘le safari sportier’ (whatever that is) and paired it with one of my favorite vintage chokers which just so happen to catch the eye of an elderly woman who announced looked just like her mothers from the 40’s.  She followed her comment up by suggesting we meet for coffee soon to compare our rare keepsakes!  Pitter patter went the beat of my heart.  Vintage brings folks together ya'll!  Gotta love it.
Live and let live, start by doing something different like walking around the house in your skivvies – lingerie is known to be a natural liberator.  For those of us who do this often, we must resort to other measures.  I’ll let you know when I think of some... in the meantime have a lovely Wednesday!  xoxxxoo