Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'll be at the Cabana

Tweed Houndstooth Blazer: Vintage Imagnin/ Shorts: Destroyed DIY(in the process)/ Necklace: Vintage/ Shoes: Yoox

That’s where you’ll find me this summer, at the cabana; with a crimson colored koolaid drank in hand!  Every summer I vow that “this one will be different.”  It wasn’t until summer launched that I realized, in fact, every summer since I can remember had indeed been very different.  Nothing ever stays the same, at least not for long.  Upon comprehending such a thing I determined that instead of soliciting the idea of a “different” summer, which according to the conclusion above is superfluous, I’ll guarantee a kickass one!  That includes whatever the hell my conscious allows.  Sounds reckless but it’s authentic and authenticity is key.  The first step to manifesting who you desire to be is by first being who you are.  That means no fronting that the room is clean when in actuality all the debris is meticulously shoved under the bed and seamlessly tucked in armoires.  Side eye.  Little Ms. Sunshine never got far by being little Ms. Rainbow now did she?  “If you feel me knocking, then let me in” players!

Have a fantastic summer doing and being you, because I’ve realized no one does it better!  ~Love you mucho hugs and kisses and a bunch more hugs~

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