Thursday, June 14, 2012

Georgia Peach

Gold Crop Top: American Rag/ Re-worked Pants, Leather Jacket, Earrings: Vintage/ Sunnies: Vintage Laura Biagiotti/ Shoes: Mia

Nothing compares to the south.  Southern hospitality, southern cooking, southern charm, even southern sweet tea has it’s own unique flavor, which may very well be because of the obscene amounts of sugar doused in it, but distinct flavor nonetheless!  And the heat!  Great scott, the heat will consume you – sometimes I shutter to think that the humidity of Georgia may surpass that of Nigeria.  Still, I enjoyed every second of it! 

I wore this look the 2nd day of the Style Bloggers of Color Conference.  Vintage pants re-worked into Princess Jasmine, Arabian night type wonders with a hint of Pucci flare at the ankles.  Love them.  They actually received an astonishing amount of compliments from the greater ATL.  At one point I thought to flail my hands to signal that I myself was wearing the pants (literally), and they, the pants, were not wearing me!  They can be such narcissistic snobs at times.  I mean really, who owns you? 

Anywho, the conference kicked cow balls!  Amazing information was being thrown both left and right.  Some helped to uncover the dormant fears I had pertaining to the nature of this here blog.  The goal was to create a space that embodied my style and taste while at the same time representing you guys, but along the way I got a little chicken shit and backed off from sharing what makes me who I am.  Now I’m going full throttle to properly feed us both!  So don’t worry, I got you boo! 

Bare with me.  I have more to share from the conference and then it’s back to your original scheduled program.  Here we go.  Meow. Xoxo

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