Tuesday, May 8, 2012


T-shirt: Victoria Secret/ Sweat Pants: Target/ Beanie: HM/ Heels: Jessica Simpson

This sun has been doing things to me and I’m graciously returning the favor by indulging in its splendor!  Shot these pics over the weekend while I was whooping a friend’s arse' on the blacktop.  Ok, let me refrain from blatantly embellishing such a story – he kicked my arse', but it was a close one, plus I was hooping in heels which earns me a complimentary 10 points!  I recently took up kickboxing and thought I’d test my wits there, and what a lovely surprise it was to learn that I have a nice little left hook beyond an over-sized punching bag!  Don’t worry, no humans were harmed during this fete.

By the way, today’s the last day to vote for my video submission to become the next Roxy Brand Ambassador!  Click HERE to vote.  Thank you mi-lovelies.  Have a beautiful Tuesday.  xoxo

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