Thursday, May 31, 2012

90's Navi Shit

Mesh Top: Vintage/ Black Halter: F21/ Shorts: Vintage Levis/ Cherry Wedges: Hot Topic(ancient)/ Sunglasses: Vintage Versace

Dagnabitt!  Looking at these pics makes my weekend in Chelan feel so far-away when it’s only been 3 whole days since my departure.  Must be the weather.  Eastern Washington’s balmy temperatures can sometimes confuse one into thinking they’ve ventured across the country, when really they’ve only driven across the interstate. 

The original plan was to rest the mind and gluteus maximus, but plans tend to amend themselves with the arrival of unexpected guests.  Concoctions were consumed and rest was far from the menu this particular day on the lake, but what’s Chelan without surprises?  Hell, what’s early 20’s, post graduate without it?  Give, live, love, learn – they go hand and hand.  Love birds!  Did you guys catch my corny Young Money parable?! 

Anywho, as many of you know I’ve fallen in love with the 90’s and recently re-submerged myself in its memorabilia, including, but not limited to: Vintage Versace round Biggie Smalls sunnies, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Macaulay Culkin, mesh, torn garments, plaid and black!  This right hurr is an ode to one of the best decades I’ve ever had the pleasure of existing in.  Thank you for allowing me to outlive you while still enjoying your essence today! 

Last bit of news, I was recently invited to the official Style Bloggers of Color conference in ATL next month.  Hence the lovely multi-colored widget to your left.  Very, very excited to meet whomever indulges in a conversation with me while visiting my family in Atlanta!  It’s been too long.  Damn, it's about to be scorching hottt out there...bring it on!

Alritey. Fin mi-friends. Xoxo


  1. adorable wedges! your hair color is insane! I LOVE IT!

  2. I love the wedges they are so cute. Great blog hun now following.
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  3. Thanks ladies! @Beautymakeupaddict love the color-rama drama on the eyes, I could definitely learn a thing or 2 from u!