Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frisco Recap

Frisco was quite a trip!  Aside from its blasé weather, I’m smitten with Seattle’s ‘not so evil’ step sibling.  There’s a lot of life buzzing through that city.  With its diverse layers and historical bi-ways, who knows what kind of mayhem I could've gotten into if I stayed any longer than previously planned!  Not long into my short stint there I had already made friends with SF’s local strangers, raved it up at the Skream and Benga tour, hosted a hotel reunion, indulged in chocolate poppy seed ice cream, (imagine creamy ice cream with a salty crunch) and experienced the cities intrinsic local art scene – first hand.  I’m telling you, that place can lead to all kinds of trouble, in the best way, (just like I like it)!

But of course, my affair with SF only lasted so long before it was time to head back to the Sea. Nice to be home. Xoxx

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