Monday, March 19, 2012

City Girl

Outtakes of Rachel and I finalizing looks and accessories

Photographer: Adriana Vargas

Who says City Girls are confined to the city?  There’s a city girl in each of us, just like there’s a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and yes, even a badass Samantha lurking in us ladies!  Women are uniquely complicated creatures (feel free to quote me on that), and are usually juggling manic amounts of things at one time, but that’s the everyday call of duty for a full time superwoman! 

With that being said, we need a wardrobe that offers limitless options to feed each part of us.  One that allows us to playfully represent our lovely lady intricacies.  VueSociety and I teamed up to provide a voice, (and look) for that “every woman,” (heart you Whitney).  Utilizing pieces from the BBS vintage archive and VueSociety’s collection of new age brands, we styled 2 looks for your inner City Girl: “Day Glo” and “Night Owl.”   
The “City Girl” experiments with vintage, but is open to the modern possibilities of new age brands!  Her style is just as flexible and chic as she is, and fully embraces her various facets.

Stay tuned for the premier of both “Day Glo” and “Night Owl” throughout the week here on BBS and VueSociety.  They’re fierce, so come armored up!

Also, VueSociety is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate to treat your inner “City Girl” just in time for summer.  To enter is very complicated, just playing, wanted to make sure you were listening, because this GIVEAWAY’s not one to pass up!  It’s actually really easy to enter, simply LIKE the VueSociety FB fan pg and comment here on BBS about what you love about your inner City Girl!  I want to know about ya.  The winner will be announced April 2nd! Xoxo


  1. I LOVE HER FREEDOM, she dresses it up and dresses it down. she loves to mix & match vintage (a.ka. goodwill) pieces or wear a full face of makeup one day and none the next. & sorry, she's not afraid to steal your outfit, fix it up right, and make it her own! man, i love my inner city girl, she's one cool chica. ;)
    as inner-cityish as i can possibly be, Maranda Hall

  2. @Maranda Hall, your inner City Girl sounds fierce chica!!