Friday, February 17, 2012

Aztec and Mohair

Top, Mohair Vest, Cowboy Boots: Vintage, Jeans: Level 99

I’ve been hit BY the FEVeR. Its got me!  I know, it’s tragic...the Native tribal prints have some how infiltrated parts of my wardrobe.  Should I quarantine?  Nayyyyy. 

I’m fond of Native inspired prints coveted by woolen goods brand Pendleton.  There’s something insanely rustic and rejuvenating about them; whether it be in clothes or random throw pillows, it mellows me out!  This vintage Aztec printed top has been slightly up-cycled to give it a more modern look, I added some texture by pairing it with the vintage mohair sweater vest.  Now all I need is a log cabin in the woods and a fresh water creek to chill in...But this spot will do for now! 

Happy Friday!  Oh and by the way, BBS is now on twitter. Follow me @borabora_style.  It gets pretty wild on that thing, you’ve been warned!

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