Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Go Go

Knit Dress: Express, Turtleneck: F21, Tights: HM, Necklace: Vintage, Boots: Vintage Joan and David

The MOD Mafia is at IT AGAIN.  Now that the snow has cleared, there’s a little warmth pouring through the skies, which somehow sparked my mod buzz again.  I think it had something to do with the cool, calm air wafting through the city – I was feeling like that cool, mod, modern jazz girl, snap my fingers cause I’m hip with it vibe – yeah, it was something like that. 

Anywho this fitted knit dress was a purchase from Express 4 years ago and I recently found it again.  Love it when I find things that I still love.  On the contrary, the engraved Mexican silver necklace is a recent vintage purchase.  She is so purty.  I can just imagine the woman who once wore this probably back in the 70’s, and now, at a ripe old age, retiring it on to the next generation of young things, thanks me’ lady.  You’ve probably noticed I’ve been in a sultry mood lately, as opposed to my usual Man Repeller state (hmmmm), but I guess it’s good to dress like a young lady every once in awhile – wow that sounds like something my mum would say, who knew.

Enjoy your Wednesday! xoxo

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