Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle

The holidays in Seattle are like your average metropolitan haven, although our insomnia is somewhat above average, but other than that, we indulge in the calm and chaos that the holidays offer. 

We hustle about exchanging cheerful seasons greetings, we admire ornate neon stars, we visit Santa Claus to insure we’re on the nice list, we camp out all night on the city streets eagerly waiting the arrival of the Jordan 11’s in hopes of surprising that special someone, we ogle over life size, hand painted nutcrackers, we chat with Karl Lagerfeld when he’s in town, we travel through the city by land and by water and we do all this while basking in the flashing lights.  The holidays in Seattle are pretty darn eventful and memorable to say the least!  It’s even better when it snows.

Have an incredibly blessed holiday. XoX

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