Thursday, December 15, 2011

Letterman's the New Black

 Letterman Jacket: Gifted, Dress & Shoes: Vintage

Photos By: Javier 

The Letterman or pardon my French, varsity jacket trend has been mobbing its way through the runways this fall and winter – little did they know it never died! 

As many of you know, I am a collector of odd things, one of them being vintage Letterman’s jackets.  No matter the damage, random names or assorted patches, I’ll still go to great lengths to find the battered old things.  There’s something magical about what each jacket represents, and how once upon a time someone, somewhere dared to show their achievements by sporting one!  I’m constantly confronted while wearing them; “hey, your names not Shay.  You didn’t graduate in 1973.”  Well no I didn’t, but apparently this girl did!  They are ideal conversation pieces. 

Lastly, they’re just great coats.  Outerwear can sometimes become repetitive but for some reason a Letterman jacket never gets old, especially when you’re wearing a different one each day.  It might as well be the new black because you can wear these puppies with anything.  Yes, even an evening dress – cc me a picture please!  I think the boys up top agree with my collection...

Have a divine Thursday, (it's my favorite day of the week too)! xox


  1. Cute look. Deep down, I've always wanted a letterman/varsity jacket. Glad to know it never went away.

  2. thanku @ Vivi. Go get your letterman on girly!:)