Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Breakfast Club

Letterman Jacket & Men’s Flannel: Vintage, T-Shirt: Two In The Shirt, Skirt worn as Dress: Express, Boots: Joan & David

Photos By: Javier

Another one of my Letterman loves.  She came into my life accidentally but is far from an accident.  She was a lowly orphan at a nearby vintage shop until I introduced her to the family.  She’s been with us ever since! 

She’s a special one, this Letterman.  I feel as if I’m channeling one of The Breakfast Club-ers every time I sport her.  Either I’m bordering on Bender, or coming in and out of Allison and Molly Ringwald’s character, Claire.  My look today is a blend of the entire cast.  Quick tip: the dress I’m wearing is actually a skirt.  If you have a loose fitting skirt put it to good use by pulling it up north a couple inches.  Throw a sweater or cropped blouse over to winterize your look. 

Have a hearty breakfast and a beautiful Saturday!  xox

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