Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Runway 216

Summer is fizzling away, and with it goes the scintillating fashions we love.  What better way to bid farewell to the heat and its chill inducing styles than with a fashion show, and who better to premier it than Seattle’s freshest fashion rival – DW Fashions.  I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Chicago native at Seattle’s Sugar and Art event where I ogled over his handy work.  I love a man that understands a woman’s shape, and understands he does.  In addition to his fine craftsmanship and cohesive vision, DW Fashions' “new age” urban designs cater to every woman: from young ladies in their early 20’s to the sophisticated woman in her mid to late 30’s – he’s got something for everyone, just put in your order!

The show took place at Seattle’s Thai infused Citrus Lounge and featured some of Seattle’s leading talents, including designers Lina Cho, Vu Nguyen, Paper Dollz and Mac Fashion House.  Guests were serenaded by up and coming vocalist, Tish Weather and Seattle native, Cherry Giducos while enjoying cocktails and yummy, bite sized nibblets.  

Deyonte Weather of DW Fashions
Design by Lina Cho
Designs by Vu Nguyen

DW Fashions

DW Fashions closed this season with some of our favorite summer staples completely remixed!  A classic LBD with a burst of tulle, an unforgettable backless jumpsuit and sequins, sequins and more sequins.  Gentleman, there's a lil something, something for you as well.  If this is what summer at DW Fashions looks like I can’t even imagine what he has in store for fall – I feel another fashion show coming along...

Lina Cho

Ms. Cho’s designs are definitely one-of-a-kind, literally.  Her style is for a particular woman, one not of trends or fast fashion but instead a look all her own.  Very racy, couture costume wear – the stuff that dreams are made of! 

Vu Nguyen

Can you fathom a garment made entirely out of paper, I couldn’t either until I saw Nguyen’s designs.  The 18 year old high school senior – yes you heard me correctly – designs some of the most artistically bizarre pieces I’ve ever set eyes on completely out of paper.  I don’t even know if it’s good paper, it could be recycled from a garbage bin, who the hell knows, I don’t even know how I’d wear it, all I do know is that it is bloody fantastic!

Paper Dollz

Sustainability is really doing its thang out here on the West Coast.  The designer behind Paper Dollz believes in re-creating fashion using what’s already been made available: taking relics from the past and re-working them into modern designs. 

Mac Fashion House
Designer Carlisia Minnis (left) w/ her Assistant

Mac Fashion House is your one stop shop for custom made, show stopping styles.  Cocktail wear, formal occasions, one-of-a-kind swimwear, you name it, designer Carlisia Minnis is your girl.  Her team will style you out from ear to ear and toe to toe, and I mean that.   

From left: Mac Fashion House, yo, DW Fashion, Paper Dollz, Vu Nguyen 
Cherry Giducos wearing DW Fashions dress
Timmery Turner & I

What a success, thanks DW Fashions for having me!  PS: notice I'm wearing my Viva La Vintage lil black dress.


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