Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Arm Candy

After my friends pricey feather earrings fell apart I was on the defense about spending my money on cheaply made jewelry.  Luckily my jewelry usage is very minimal, preventing me from falling victim to run of the mill trinkets at the local F21, (although I do fall prey from time to time).  I figure if I’m going to spend my money on cheap jewelry, the price point better match – I’ll be damn if I go to Nordstrom and come across a $2 ring priced at $35.  So what do you do if you want cheap, one-of-a-kind jewelry?  Where do you go?  I found the perfect solution.  You don’t go anywhere, you make it yourself, DIY baby!

The materials cost as much, if not less, than the chandelier earrings you bought from Macys, and you get more for your buck.  You can find all your supplies at the local Michaels or Joanne Fabrics.  I utilized some extra leather suede cording I had lying around and one of my chain-less pendants to make the wristlet above.  

All you need is about 15inchs of leather suede cording (depending on how many times you’d like it to rap around your wrist) and an old pendant (can be from an old necklace or bracelet).

Place one end of the leather cording into the opening of the pendant. (The pendant I used had 2 openings so I rapped the cording through twice).

Once you've threaded the leather cording through the pendant, wrap the cording around your wrist placing your pendant in the center.   Remember to salvage about 3inches of cording from both ends to tie your bracelet.

And TA-DA, you have a one-of-kind piece of jewelry that didn’t really cost you anything.  Best of all you made it, meaning if anyone asks you where they can purchase a piece like it they have to place an order with you – so instead of the F21’s and what not getting paid, you are! Don’t forget to let your customers know they can also sport their new wristlet as a necklace, I’ve worn mine as a choker HERE.  

Add more pendants and charms to your original piece for a bracelet chalk full of arm candy!

Enjoy, and have a fabulous Friday. xox.

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