Sunday, July 10, 2011

Western Nostalgia

Dress: Papaya, Leather Belt: Aeropostale, Vintage Crocodile skin Cowboy Boots: The Vutique, Jewelry: Mum

In another life you would swear I was a prairie hippie based on how much I adore western inspired pieces.  Maybe I was born at a rodeo, I don’t know.  There’s a refined allure in western inspired goods, the tough yet delicate leather and skins, impeccable craftsmanship, classic stones, ooohhweee, I love it all. 

These vintage crocodile skin cowboy boots are sublime, well broken in but in perfect condition – I can’t get them off my feet!  If you take after my western heart then this western nostalgia ensemble is perfect for you.  I would suggest using a summer dress you may have around the house, possibly shoved in the dark corners of your closet, with proper styling you can make that budget dress come alive.

I’m a frugal shopper, (unless it’s an exceptionally unique piece) for example I purchased this dress at a random store in the mall called Papaya.  The floral inspired color swatches print really caught my eye, and I knew if styled right, this $19.99 dress could look as if it walked right off the pages of a top designers S/S lookbook.  Keep your accessories light and native inspired, such as oxidized silver jewelry or stones like turquoise, (could be look alike turquoise, because the real thing costs a pretty penny).  Take an average leather belt to cinch your waist and throw on some western inspired cowboy boots, (again, doesn’t have to be the real thing – make what you got work).  You can throw a fringe shawl over your shoulder or utilize an oversized sweater if you’re chilly, just remember if you decide to wear the sweater, cinch the belt over it.  Voila, you’re western chic in the blink of an eye, enjoy.

Have a lovely Sunday, xox.

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