Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fuera Del Azul

Summa, summa, summa time, summa time, in Will Smith voice – can ya dig it.  I love this time of year and the pool parties that come along with it.  Although some of us may dread the idea of combing through the racks in search of the perfect swimsuit, self consciously we take pleasure in it because there’s the possibility of finding the perfect one.  For those on the lookout for the ideal suit, I have some enlightening news, read on to find out what it is. 

Last week I had the opportunity of interviewing Venezuelan swimsuit designer, Niveen Heaton.  The local designer is the creative force behind Adicora swimwear.  Pulling inspiration from her native Venezuelan roots, Heaton avoids the features of your ordinary everyday bathing suit with the addition of her single strap and ruching details.  Not only is this woman talented and inspiring, but her pieces are a breath of fresh air compared to what’s currently circulating through the fashion airwaves.  Read the full interview below.

Did your Venezuelan background influence the designs behind Adicora swimwear?
Of course! Adicora designs have a combination of South American sensuality with chic American style. For example, this years designs include bikinis named Amazona and Orinoco. Orinoco is the most important river of South America. It starts from Venezuela then goes through Brazil, and the river streams through the Amazon jungle. We used this as inspiration for the collection. It has leopard with rich pink, exotic florals, and other nature inspired prints. So there are a lot of South American influences in this years look!

How do you feel about the quality of swimwear today?  What does Adicora do to insure that there garment lasts over time?  Are the fabrics and materials locally or internationally sourced? 
People have choices; if they want something with impeccable quality they know where to find it. If they want something disposable, they have those options too. Its basically about what the customers really want.

I believe quality is important; it doesnt make sense to buy a bikini and use it only one or two times. I want to make something you will be able to wear next year too. The materials we use are internationally sourced from Colombia and Italy. Even though its a little more expensive, I order these textiles because they dont lose their elasticity, and the prints are more original, even the feel of it is softer! Its better quality than the ones made in other countries, where a lot of swimwear companies get their fabric.

Who is the Adicora girl?  Who is the brands audience (ie: urbanite trendsetter, flirty, sporty etc.)?
Adicora is for every girl. In our 2011-2012 collection, youll see the high-end fashionista (Starburst with holographic print) is for a girl that wants to feel edgy, then Narcissa (soft floral print) is for a girl that wants to feel innocent and flirty at the same time. Each design represents a different mood. And I think every girl has a little bit of everything. Its just depends in what mood you are feeling that day. There is no girl out there that is only one personality, they can be everything. And this line reflects that.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?
My advice is to really do your research. Study not just in school, but after school - actually work for a company of the product you want to develop. Get the practice, because thats the best education. You have to practice it, and live it, before opening your company. I worked in the shoe industry for five years, working very long hours, but now I have all the tools under my belt and Im good to go! The more you learn from other businesses and the more you are involved, the more successful you will be.

Vs of the Day – Hebrews 11:1
“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see...By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”

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