Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New "Attitude"

I have exciting news; J Manual from ‘America’s Next Top Model’ has teamed up with Sears department store to bring a very affordable collection called “Attitude” for Fall 2011.  I know here in Seattle we’re inching closer to spring, and in no way shape or form want to worry about the chillier seasons, but this collection is too amazing not to comment on, and one needs to be informed.

The collection is very fashion forward, with a focus in contemporary basics that can take you to and from the office, well into the evening.  The color palette is based in more muted tones, meaning that any of the pieces from the collection can easily transition into your wardrobe.  Prices range from $12.99-$139.00 (I’m loving those numbers), with sizes starting at 0-18 (like those too).  I am well aware that fall is months away, but because it’s my favorite season for fashion, and I’m getting googly eyed staring at this collection, I’ll start a little early!

Ok, now the bad news.  The collection will be featured in Sears stores in Canada come August 2011. I know, womp womp, don’t hate the player hate the game.  But, come 2012 the collection will be crossing over to all Sears stores here in the good ol U.S.A!  To view the complete collection click HERE





I really love how major designers and labels are teaming up with various department stores and bringing designer quality pieces to a reasonable level of attainability.  Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad (LC) at Kohls, GO International at Target, Lanvin at HM etc.  It’s very refreshing.  Also, the larger department stores carry a variety in sizes, meaning that these collections aren’t limited to smaller frames alone. 

Take advantage of these timeless collaborations that designers are throwing out there; update your wardrobe a bit by mix and mashing designer digs with your favorite pieces.  Start with closet essentials: basic blouses, sweaters and pants, and once you feel comfortable move towards the ultra fashion forward pieces.  Explore your style and remember to have fun! xoxo


  1. I'm really loving this colletion. It's very wearable and not so "runway". Too bad it doesn't come in extended sizes :-(

  2. @ Sita the collection will be here in the states in 2012. @ Ronke, I know :/ but they do have sizes up to 18