Friday, March 4, 2011

The Sting of Spring

Spring is going to be springing up any second now, and with it comes all of the eye catching looks and trends that we all love and hate.  I’m not one to rock head to toe trends, but I do enjoy interjecting certain trends into my signature style.

Prints, prints & more PRINTS
 Lace please

Sheer Genius

The top trends for this spring are some of my favorite style staples.  They’re fresh, simple and lush: vibrant citrus themed colors, crisp lace, glossy sheer blouses and dresses, eccentric prints, blinding whites, floor sweeping midi skirts and a resurgence in 70’s hippie chic.

Color me bAD

Drop the hem down and get your flowy skirt on girl!

Peace, Love and 70’s babi

Another trend that is infiltrating the fashion airwaves is the turban/rap.  Although this is a popular new look that many are eating up, turbans remind me of the head raps that my mum used to rock and still rocks with her traditional Nigerian looks.  The turban/rap is a gorgeous loo - try it out this spring with bodacious vintage jewelry. 

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