Monday, March 14, 2011


I’ve been slowly composing my spring vision board.  It’s taken longer than expected to complete because I’m trying to make sure all my visions and crazy inspiration is accounted for.  Posted are a few things that will be included in my vision board. 

It has been a dream of mine to visit Paris, but this year I want to get closer to making that dream a reality.  I also would like to push the envelope a little further with my style this spring by allowing myself to freely express who I am through everything that lay, hang or clip onto my body.  I have a new outlook on this life, and with that awareness I would like to take on a new attitude.  Lastly is the fresh essence of spring, which in itself inspires me along with the relaxed fits, long days and warm nights. 

Vision boards are so effective, they help motivate by reminding you of what you’ve set out to accomplish.  They’re also fairly simple to make.  You can create your vision board on your computer, or do it the old fashion way (which is what I prefer), collage style where you take magazine clippings, words, letters, sentences, pictures etc. and paste them onto a piece of construction board.  Be eccentric with your vision board; fill it up by taking all those ideas out of your mind and giving them a form or your vision board. 

What does your vision board include?

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