Friday, December 17, 2010

Grocery 4 DList Magazine


Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of DList Magazines newest fashion event by the name of Grocery at Seattle's HG lounge.  DList is known as the lifestyle magazine of Seattle, keeping the public updated on innovative hot spots and happenings.  With Seattle’s growing presence in the field of fashion, DList decided to promote that growth by creating a monthly event dedicated to housing flourishing fashions and their designers.

The event was a live trade show, equipped with an outstretched runway and press.  Grocery caters to local vendors, bloggers and the fashion enthused, showcasing designers and brands unavailable here in Seattle, (with the exception of Abi Ferren which is available at The Finerie).  Each designer was appointed a press kit, lookbook, and contact information to motivate relations with Seattle vendors, and contribute to our cities growing success in the world of fashion. 

Designers included Abi Ferrin, Osborn, Li Cari, Sofie Olgaard, and Bella Dahl.  Invitees were given grab bags filled with random goodies, the latest issue of DList magazine, and light refreshments.  

 Abi Ferren


Li Cari

Sofie Olgaard
Bella Dahl

Each of the designers collections were unique and stood well on their own.  Abi Ferren's pieces embodied a seductive ferocity almost; the woman who wears her pieces has a strong presence and enjoys strong, ultra feminine/sexy styles.  The fabrics used in Abi Ferren’s pieces hug the curves of a woman while hiding what one might consider imperfections.  Abi Ferren's line is sold exclusively in Seattle at The Finerie.  

Osborn was one of my favorite designers of the night seeing that the collection was made entirely of shoes.  These artisan handcrafted shoes are beautiful pieces of work.  The designs are bright and charismatic – almost like you’re wearing a piece of artwork on your foot, exactly how footwear is supposed to be.

Li Cari’s designs are similar to Abi Ferren’s in the regard that they are both ultra feminine, but Li Care’s designs speak to another woman: a woman with a gentler spirit and presence.  Li Care’s pieces embody an airy, light flirtatious essence, on the edge of being almost whimsical.  Any woman can find a piece that will attract her in the Li Care collection, because the collection speaks to every woman’s inner woman.

Sofie Olgaard was my favorite designer of the night.  I adored her 70’s inspired minis with flared cuffs, the wide leg jumpers, sheer blouses, and knee highs.  I definitely felt that I could incorporate various pieces from her collection cohesively into my wardrobe.  Although her pieces are predominantly blank, w/ very little pattern play, they are timeless favorites.  The pieces from Olgaard’s collection can be worn for years to come and still easily portray an effortless, in style, chic look. 

Bella Dahl’s collection had a similar airy and light weight feel as Li Cari’s, largely due to the fact that Bella Dahl’s pieces are made from soft, light weight jersey knit fabric.  Dahl’s pieces were very neutral yet bright and embodied a relaxed look.  Her pieces spoke to a woman who doesn’t take herself to seriously, a woman who wears what she feels as a part from wearing what she likes.  I didn’t really enjoy the pieces that were modeled of Dahl’s collection at the Grocery event, but once I visited the website and saw the large variety, I was very much enthused at how many pieces I wanted to order right there and then.  Dahl’s collection is another collection where any woman can find a piece that she will enjoy.





 Look at me in the corner sportin a frumpy face; I don’t know why I was frowning I was having a good time

For more information about DList’s Grocery event click here.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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