Friday, November 12, 2010

Styling Down to a T

Last Thursday I attended the Clutch bag boutique event and was fortunate enough to meet Tannya Bernadette, local wardrobe stylist in the Seattle area.  Tannya allowed me to tag along beside her during the event prodding her with questions and worshipping her holy grail of chicness!  She was extremely cordial, poised and professional and did I mention how chic she looked.  Tannya took time away from the Clutch event to sit with me for a short interview to discuss how she built her business, and where her passion for fashion originated from.  Throughout the interview I was beaming with excitement and admiration for this woman who built her own business doing what she adores, all the while making her presence felt in Seattle’s fashion arena – and I ain’t mad at it.

With a major in fashion marketing, Tannya attended Johnson and Wales in Miami Florida, and then made her way back to Seattle where she received her fashion marketing degree from the Art Institute.  Tannya recalls that as a child she always had an overly creative personality, as she got older that creativity funneled into an admiration for the art of fashion.  Her goal, in turn, has been to share her knowledge about the art and power of fashion with her clients as a wardrobe stylist. 

As a stylist it is imperative to make clients not only look good but feel good as well: Tannya prides her work on just that.  She explains that “helping women look and feel beautiful is her favorite part of the business,” she adds that “it’s all about the client and insuring that they feel confident enough to conquer the world because of the right outfit,” Preach! 

As a young graduate and lover of all things fashion related I had various questions for Tannya as to how to make headway in the fashion biz; she replied that it is important that you “do something that you love and make sure you stand out while doing it,” I only hope that I’m a walking billboard for her advice. 

 Fur Vest: Rachel Rachel Roy, Blouse: Elle Tahari, Leggings: Hue, Shoes: Nordstrom, Necklace: Ecobling Couture (local Seattle jewelry designer)

Tannya’s stylist studio is located in downtown Seattle by appointment only.  Check out her website here with upcoming events, massive New Years gift giveaway, style advice and more.  Make sure you support the talented Tannya Bernadette – go girl.

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