Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The Seattle music scene is never short raw talent – thank God! Recently, major artists from the Emerald city have been on the rise, one being Macklemore, that dude with the “Thrift Shop” single, yeah he’s from here; another being the sultry rapptress’ duo, TheeSatisfaction. Since the pair banded with the afro-pop group, Shabazz Palaces, they’ve been touring regions of Europe like bonafide Beatles; perusing through Paris, London, and Spain as if it were their day job – well, it basically is at this point. Luckily I caught the girls during their short stint in Seattle, and was able to catch their show with Shabazz Palaces. Melodic afro-pop beats, with techno vibes, strung over hypnotic vocals and electro inspired raps. I was in heaven.

Currently no genre exists that could properly categorize the ladies flow, but I can say they’re style is reminiscent of a younger Floetry, with Stas bringing in the lyrical meat as the rapptress’ and Cat softening the flow with her jazzy vocals. The 2 bring something new and unexpected to the table through their collaborative move with Shabazz Palaces, but also speak volumes to young women in this day and age on their own. Their lyrics edge on YOLO-type living in a way that’s unique to every individual, with a perspective that translates well to adolescent women, and I can rock with that. Not to mention their extremely eclectic style. Be on the lookout for the style profile I’ll be writing on the girls for Seattle Metropolitan magazine come April – should be haute!

Anywho, check out their latest video “Queens” below. You could say it’s similar to the Kendrick Lamar hit “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” except this one is strictly for the ladies. Enjoy. Meow! 


  1. I've loved them for a while so it's nice to see the word getting out about them

  2. I'm quickly becoming a hardcore fan! Their sound is dope