Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Know Thy Self

Have you ever questioned who you are or what the hell your purpose is? Well step on down the line because I’m constantly asking myself the same question. It’s perfectly alright that we don’t exactly know the answer. What matters is that we’re taking steps towards finding it out – seek and we shall find!

Much of the time the self that we do identify with is farthest from the truth. Instead they’re characteristics we've adopted from others and mistakenly labeled as ourselves. The culprits may include family, friends, lovers, media etc. Everything around us is an influence and if easily malleable, you’re fucked!

So how do we avoid being influenced and shaped by the world around us?  
Simple, know thyself.  
But what if we need help in that department as well?

I’ll give you an idea but it will be uncomfortable. Sometimes the best way to find out who you are is to separate yourself from the things you identify yourself with. That could be video-games, stripping, monotonous religion, friends, eating, drugs and or family. Those are all influences, they aren’t you. To find you requires discovering why you perceived said influences as you in the first place? Did they bring some kind of comfort or are you hiding behind them? We’re getting warmer people! These may be uncomfortable questions to ask ourselves but they're necessary. Once we uncover the answers we will undoubtedly be closer to knowing the truth of who we are. So let’s start asking while simultaneously peeling away thick, cakey layers of influence to unveil our true selves!

Meow mi amors and Happy Thanksgiving.

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