Wednesday, November 14, 2012

HOT Commodity


Arm candy! It looks good, tastes better and remembers your birthday – on occasion. But eventually even the sweetest things turn saccharine. Arm candy is short and sweet, it’s not necessarily meant to last and if you want it to, you may have to go out in search of more after realizing you've devoured the first batch! (#maneater)

What the hell do I mean by all this? Well I've realized that as young women today we praise one another for our collection of arm candy, or our successful attempt at getting men to spoil us. We’ve learned to view men as commodities and toy with them as such. One would argue we learned from the pros – men themselves but you'll never get a positive by adding together 2 negatives!

I recently reconnected with an ex with whom I pathetically flat lined with during our attempts at developing a lasting relationship. After briefing with him I realized one of the reasons our courtship didn’t bloom was because I entered it with an arm candy mentality. At the time I was looking for convenient summer lovers to occupy my spare time. Little did I know this young man noticed something in me that I didn’t, and was looking to commit. Of course my games became his games seeing that we were both inexperienced and the whole thing went up in flames! (#Duh) Despite my tragic love story, many of us yearn for committed relationships yet bearing arm candy outlooks? Notice that like begets like and once you enter a courtship expecting to play games, you will undoubtedly be met with games. Men are instinctual, and will identify the sport immediately and inevitably join in. It’s their easy way out seeing that they’re trying to avoid looking foolish anyways.

So keep in mind that if you’re looking for something serious and or real do away with the arm candy mentality and enter a potential relationship with an honest desire to give and grow, not take and vacate! Your maturity will eventually be matched by a mature suitor. Here’s to hoping, JK. That is all loves! Meow.

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