Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wild Heart

Turtleneck: F21/ Fringe Skirt, Animal Kingdom Necklace, Pheasant Head Piece: Vintage/ Velvet Leopard Tights: Milkyway/ Shoes: Mia

Wore this lil getup to the Seattle Art Museums “Remix” event last weekend, (coverage coming soon).  I’ve collected quite an assortment of “interesting” pieces over time.  They nest in my wardrobe and I visit with them often.  I naturally attract the peculiar, but I guess it’s simply because I am these peculiar things in human form.  Bizarre, strange, abnormal, it’s all the same beautiful stuff to me.  Hats off to those who donned them previously.  Touche’!

Sometimes things don’t have to be understood in order to be appreciated, just experienced. 

Love y’all.

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1 comment:

  1. fantastic tights on fantastic legs!