Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dance With Me

 Pink Lemonade Top: Le Tigre/ Camo Green Fringe Skirt & Floral Wedges: Go Jane/ Leather Jacket & Silver Necklace: Vintage

Got caught by the camera doing a lil’ jig during my midday grind!  It’s a really difficult task trying to keep me from dancing? Especially since I want to dance and move around all day!  When I don’t, my toes begin to tap and my knees start aggressively bouncing – you know the bouncing they manage to do all on their own, with no help from the brain commanding your joints to move!  One might peg this type of behavior as ADHD, and it very well may be, but it’s too late to get diagnosed now, so I’ll call it dancing fever! 

Anywho, seeing that we’ve had some moderately cool weather, I wanted to seize the day and show some leg.  I have many a party skirts: the short, skin tight ones that are only allowed out after hours.  Being that those days have fallen short due to reasons otherwise known as “spiritual overhaul” and or “create-aholic,” I thought I might as well put that "pyt" to good use.  Take any old mini and throw something completely opposite over it, like a polo or button down or ravaged old t-shirt.  The skirt will loose its party girl image, and immediately be elevated to Nicole Ritchie (sans party life), status, and we can all agree that girl looks soo good now, mummy and all!  Call it “party skirt a la mode.”

I hope you have an "a la mode" kind of day, with all the delicious fixings! xox

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