Monday, February 13, 2012

Kic Bak

Sweater: Hellz Bellz, Sweats: Target, Leather Jacket & Platform Boots: Vintage

I’m a Leisurely Kind of GAL. I enjoy being comfortable, not perfect, and often find myself gravitating to pieces that lack structure.  It comes in handy on a kick back kind of day when swimming in your clothes sounds like a refreshing idea!  But my laid back mood can’t take all the credit.  The Japanese are the true geniuses behind the collapsible ensemble.  Issey Miyake and Tsumori Chisato are 2 of the brilliants, just to name a few.  There’s a juxtaposition about leisure and fit over there in Japan.  It would appear that one is drowning in their attire, but in actuality the garment has been strategically draped and swathed on the individual, it’s quite enduring and downright incredible! 

Let’s hope I made the greats proud.  Have a beautiful morning and a lovely Monday. xox

“The love you take is equal to the love you make” The BEAtLes

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