Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's in the Bag V

IF You’ve Been wondering what's BeeN in my baggy recENtlY, WAIT NO more! As of the New Year its contents have alternated quite a bit – we’ll see how long the newbies last...

The New Year ushered in a new planner and a blank “Be in the Moment” titled notebook to jot down almost anything that positions itself in my mind, compliments of mi madre and hermana.  My other hermana gifted me with this lovely vintage fashion tell all book that I have been maddeningly bond to since I received it!  It has a very juicy foreword by the great Zandra Rhodes – that woman is flipping fierce.

As usual I have updated my beauty routine.  You know me, never one to stick to a regime when it comes to beauty and skin care, I gotta try it all!  Ironically I am unofficially a Clinique junkie.  I’ve been using their acne solutions liquid makeup and am very pleased.  Helps fight the little buggers that decide to pop up and pay you a visit, as well as keep oil at bay.  

I also stepped up my SPF game, I stepped it up all the way to 30!  We all need it.  I want my skin to look good at every age so I reckon I better start investing in some major SPF now.  This soothing daily moisturizer by Yes to Cucumbers uses natural sunscreen and is hypoallergenic.  I’ve found that anything labeled “soothing,” “hypoallergenic,” or “sensitive skin” has the good stuff in it.  Lastly on the beauty boat is my recent facial primer purchase.  I was a virgin to the stuff until recently when Bare Minerals Prime Time swept me off my feet.  Apparently it’s one of the best for oily skin because it is silicone free, which according to the young lady at the counter prevents ones makeup from sliding off ones face midday.  So far so good, but now that I’ve gotten some experience I’m going to have to see what else is out there.  A girls got to live!

I also recently purchased the most adorable vintage Nicole Miller flats by Stuart Weitzman.  I’ve been experimenting with such a type of shoe as this lately and I must say I’m not disappointed yet; although the diva stilettos are starting to get a little jealous – hopefully they’ll get over it, I wouldn't want them to trip me up one random night.

Of course you have the celly, wallet and some recent jewelry baubles, as well as some yummy nail polishes compliments of Sinful Colors: “flirting nails” and “dozen roses.”
Well that’s what’s in the bag as of now, but there's always more to come!  xox


  1. I'd be interested to know how the moisturizer works out, I'm using an SPF 30 right now from another brand but I'm not crazy about it. I also did a major splurge and got SK-II, but I think the magic isn't working for me. Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what people have in their bags!

  2. The moisturizer has been working fairly well, it's very gentle, although it does seem heavy when you first apply it because of the SPF level. I would recommend it, I purchased it from Ulta for a reasonable price. I'll be sure to keep you updated on what else is in my baggy ;)