Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rain Dance

Black Coat: Vintage Imagnin, T-Shirt: Fox, Pants & Shoes: Zinc, Umbrella: Vintage

You caught me!  Not only am I singing in the rain, but I’m rocking the hell out of the old school dance, the tootsie roll.  Seattle rain is so refreshing: sometimes it comes pelting down and other times it’s as light as mist.  On this particular day it was the latter, and I was in a dancing mood.  So I took the pleasure of doing the running man down E. Pike St. and the Sunkist booty drop near Bellevue ave.  It was hilarious, not to mention a natural energy booster! 

If there’s one thing about Seattle’s rain that most Seattleites and visitors can agree on, it's that it seduces you into wearing black.  My wardrobe is fuming with color, but around this season I find myself cursing the Seattle skyline after realizing midday that I’m drenched head to toe in black.  “Did you dress yourself today?”  “Where did you get all this black?”  After rehearsing said questions several times in my head, I come to the conclusion that the rain spirits blinded me and put together my look for that day – but they do a pretty good job, so it’s all copasetic.  Anywho, this day of black was influenced by moi’ in hopes of sporting this re-worked vintage Imagnin coat.  Key word: RE-WORKED.  It was a double breasted dress and now it is a double breasted coat.  The gold studs decorating the arms are irresistible.  The padded shoulders are a must as well, it gives the coat the masculine touch I hunger for - eat you're heart out Balmain. Of course I wanted to stay comfy, so I threw on an old t-shirt. 

Loving my la negro’ look.  Have a lovely day. xox

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