Friday, November 11, 2011

Chain Gang

Reversible chain link bracelet: copper on one side, oxidized silver on the other side.  Size can be adjusted per request

No, I am not an inmate in chains performing menial manual labor. I am, however, a young woman who has had an ongoing affair with chains.  Until now.  I recently found my chain hubby, linked up with his old boo, of course we changed that real quick!  He’s a chameleon at heart, depending on the occasion, you can get him in an oxidized silver, sterling or copper mood, the chose is yours!  That’s why I love him too.  Ok, ok I’ll spare you the details of what could be of this love story.  But I can’t help but turn my new discoveries into just that, they become so dear to me.  Alright here’s the real story... although my story is quite real.

Fred (fictional name, real character) is a digital creative type.  About 7 months ago Fred uncovered a new creative outlet: Chain Maille Creations.  His outlet utilized various types of steel rods and other goods (stainless steel 304, copper, galvanized steel and leather), self spooling them and cutting the spooled rods into individual rings.  Fred then threads or links the rings together in decorative designs.  You can imagine how meticulous such an outlet can be, but Fred creates each design by hand and finds it unmistakably therapeutic.  Urban Wire Works crafts some of the most simplistically beautiful pieces of jewelry that I have ever seen, and it’s locally sourced and created, (all about supporting local artistry).  I truly have found my chain hubby(s) for life!  

Get chained away with Urban Wire Works designs HERE, or visit the GAJ shop on NE Northgate Way to view the creative designs in person. 
Enjoy your Friday. Until next time. xox

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