Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Occasion

It’s date night, the pivotal first date to be exact.  One of nerves and endless surprises: the first being a seductive little red dress accented with a biker edge and complimented with sustainable accoutrements. 

Waiting patiently for his arrival she ponders, “what will he be like?”  “Is he as much a gentleman as he appeared?”  “Does he come with baggage, perhaps a hysterical ex or worse: baby mama drama?”  “Will he ask me to go dutch on dinner?”  For now she decides to take the risk. After all what’s romance without a little surprise, or love without pain.  She occupies her time by striking a quick pose in the mirror.  “If this one falls through the cracks, at least I know I look good!”

Ring, ring. The doorbell sounds.  She grabs her coat and adjusts her shoes.  There he is.

And they’re off.

They arrive at there destination.  “We’re having fresh chicken for dinner” her date explains, “It’s a surprise!”  And quite a surprise it is.  Too her dismay she realizes that she will be catching and cooking their meal, (with assistance from her date of course).  “What do you think?” he asks in excitement.  “Isn’t this better than having someone prepare our meal for us?  Instead we can share that experience together.”  She smiles hesitantly and assures herself, “romance is full of surprises!  Plus you can’t blame a man for trying, but we better not be going dutch on this dinner.”

On model: Red Rap Dress: Bebe, Vintage Suede & Leather Biker Jacket: The Vutique, Shoes: Silvia Tcherassi, Jewelry: DIY, Vintage Handbag: Mum

Happy Saturday, aka the legendary “date night!” xox

Photos By: Jamie Morel

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