Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Viva La Vintage

Bonjour everyone.  I’m at it again with my obsessive vintage addiction, and I’ve brought along something extra purrty.  Now this dress is circa early to mid 90’s.  Isn’t she a beaut!  My dear, dear best friend dung it up for me in a vintage shop in Virginia and knew that I would love it – muy bien mami.  She told me this dress cost a womping $20, oh golly gee, twenty big ones!

The label reads ‘Stenay’ which I imagine was sold either in the evening department of a store like Nordstrom or Macys, or was a collection piece from a dress boutique like Cache or something of that nature back then.  I plan on making minor alterations to make it just right for me and when I’m done, ooooohhhwwweeeee, it’s going to look on point.  Not saying that it doesn’t already, but once I've worked my magic it will look even more on point for lack of a better term.

This is what I love about vintage: you can recreate it to make it your own, keep it as is and work it into your wardrobe as a signature piece or do both.  This type of dress, although vintage, is still an evening dress, so step out in this bad boy for an occasion that appropriately showcases all of its splendor and sequiney glory.  Have fun styling it up with something reminiscent of the 1920’s – a bold lip, chignon bum or finger waves (yes finger waves, I still love that classic hairstyle).  This dress will definitely come in handy for an upcoming fashion charity event – I’ll make sure to let you see how I styled it up!  Enjoy your Wednesday. xox

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